Monday, October 19, 2009

Cooking Classes

I tried something new last week, and it's something I'm going to keep doing, it was a lot of fun! What could this new activity be, you ask?! It's cooking classes!!

We had a small group of ladies, some wine, some instruction and a really great time last Friday night. The host had a kitchen that was perfectly suited-a big island, plenty of counter space and a gorgeous gas range that accommodated all my pots at once.

It was a group of Moms, so we focused on a meal that can be made in about 40 minutes, plus some Turkey Chili that is great for football parties or potlucks. While I cooked, demonstrated and explained what I was doing, they chatted, drank, watched and asked some great questions. Once all the instruction was over, we had a great meal and I sent them home with tons of leftovers!

Our Menu was...

Panko Crusted Chicken Breast, Butternut and Sage Farfalle, Garlic Sauteed Escarole

Turkey Chili with Butternut and White Beans

Oatmeal Topped Apple Crisp

I'm thinking of offering gift certificates for parties and private instructions for the Holidays. There's so many different themes available, depending on the group, I think it could be a really exciting and unexpected gift.

The prices vary, but the group classes start at $30.00 for a group of 10, prices go down as you confirm more guests. It's a great night out with the girls, shower gift, or way to reconnect with friends after the rush of the holidays. Feel free to call me for more info and ideas 215-847-5707.