Friday, September 7, 2012

Rosh Hashanah Menu

Creamy Salmon Pate with Dill, Matzo Crackers   Serves 12 $24
Chopped Liver with Sundried Tomato Crackers   Serves 8 $17
Gefilte Fish on Braised Carrots and Leeks, Beet Horseradish   $7 each
Gefilte Fish and Vegetable Terrine with Green Goddess Dressing   Serves 8 $26
Dilled Matzo Ball Soup with Tiny Diced Vegetables   $14/quart
Apple and Raisin Charoset   $8/quart
Latkes with Applesauce    Serves 10-12 $22

Lemon Herb Roasted Whole Chicken, cut in 8 pieces    $24
Spiced Brisket w Leeks and Dried Apricots   Serves 8 $30
Matzo Kugel w Apples and Raisins    Serves 10-12 $16
Matzo Brei with Carrots, Peas and Tarragon   Serves 10-12 $17
Roasted Asparagus and Carrots    Serves 8-10 $17
Mashed Potatoes with Olive Oil    Serves 10-12 $17
Roasted Root Vegetables   Serves 8-10 $17
Gratin of Spring Vegetables    Serves 10-12 $20
Tsimmes Terrine    Serves 6-8 $22
Matzo Pizza For the Kids!   $8 each

Flourless Chocolate Cake    Serves 8-10 $26.00
Apple Pecan Torte     Serves 8-10 $24.00
Coconut Macaroons/Chocolate Coconut Macaroons     $10.00/dozen
Pavlova Tart w Lemon Curd and Fresh Berries   Serves 8-10 $24.00
Clementine Cake Squares w Raspberry Preserves and Chocolate    $6.00 each
Chocolate Almond Macarons with Berry or Chocolate Filling    $16.00/dozen